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at home for joining us. we are broadcasting not from new york, but from california. i did a book event in santa barbara yesterday for my book "drift." i spoke to a room of about 2,000 people, which is unnerving if. you're not used to doing that sort of thing. and i talked about my book. i got asked a question at this event about the political impact of the first presidential debate. and the way it went seems to be important in understanding the temperature of the country on the presidential race right now. most everybody agrees that the first debate was won quite handedly by the republican challenger mitt romney and lost very much by president obama. but yesterday in santa barbara, i told this giant room full of people in this theater when asked about this subject that as clearly and as cleanly as mr. romney won the the debate, it still seems politically important that mr. romney did not win the debate in a way that produced a single sound bite. i mean, yeah, 60 million people watched romney win the debate overall, but for the 240 or so million american who is did not watch the debate
'm going to drive from washington, d.c. to california in 15 hours. that means you'll have to go 2 hundred miles an hour and romney said i'm not going to break the law. then how do you square the numbers? you've got to throw the math word back at them maybe with the pretty colors if you want. >> do you expect joe biden to be able to make that point or to do anything else that's going to significantly change the democrats' process. >> i do have high hopes for biden. i watched the debates in the 2007-2008 campaign and biden beat both hillary clinton and barack obama in a number of debates. everybody talks about his gaffes and they forget he is a good debatetor and he has a capacity for empathy for average people. and he can just explain stuff quite well. so i think he will put ryan on the griddle and take the interview with chris wallace and say look, you've got time. you said the math is too complicated. don't give us talk about base lines. tell us how you're going to do this. >> e.j., thanks for being here. i appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >>> up next
in california between two congressional candidates this week so i thought, oh, no, maybe this joe biden/paul ryan thing wasn't actually the single most entertaining and illuminating debate of my adult lifetime. then i watched the supposed big california congressional debate fight and it was really just this, this one guy weirdly aggressively awkwardly hugging the guy really hard. that was it. so who cares? the record stands. paul ryan versus joe biden in centerville, kentucky, last night. come on, this is add good as it ever gets. >> stop talking about how you care about people. show me something. show me a policy. show me a policy where you take responsibility. >> this is a plan that's bipartisan. it's a plan i put together with a prominent democrat senator from oregon. >> there's not one democrat who endorses it. not one democrat who signed the plan. >> our partner is a democrat from oregon. >> and he said he does no longer support you for that. >> we put it together with the former clinton budget director. this idea -- >> who disavows it. >> this idea -- >> this is a bunch of stuff.
this year that rape doesn't really get you pregnant, almost never. and for the win there's california congressman dana rohrbacher who once suggested the earth's temperature shifted millions of years ago because of
in california during the fight over prop 187. very anti-immigrant there. it's this anti-immigrant thing and it split the republican party. you had george w. bush leading the pro-immigration relatively pro-immigrant wing of the republican party. he got a lot of latino support when he got elected. but george w. bush had his compassionate conservatism thing was about the issue of immigration and being compassionate. you saw rick perry try to make the case of being compassionate in terms of going to college and dream act kids and the way they need to be treated respectfully. and mitt romney played the pete wilson role. he was the hard liner and said you don't have a brain. it's not about having a heart, you don't have a brain if you're going to do that for these kids. i won eer how you feel about the republicans fighting amongst themselves on this issue. it seems like they haven't figured out which direction they are going to do. >> they haven't and it's sad. it really is sad because it's just -- where is the the heart in the matter of all of this? these are innocent children. they didn't a
but we need turnout in california and we need them. >> bradley whitford, great to have you with us. that's "the ed show." i'm ed shultz. now to the quarterback of last night's coverage, rachel maddow. her show starting right now. >> the patriots are not having the best quarterback year, so i'm taking that -- >> you were okay on sunday from what i saw. >> we took it into extra time to give everybody extra time with their ulcer doctors, but the quarterback is a little unnerving. >> last night was fun. thank you for staying with us for the next hour. i do have something to say about last night's debate and i hope you'll indulge me for a moment. last night was the last moment where the whole country will be watching the exact same thing for the exact same amount of time before we get down to election day. last night was our last collective moment as a nation, watching the same candidates at the same time in a way that was unmediated that brings us together as a country. this past july, mitt romney made the first visit of any candidate to the great totally nonswing state of montana. mon
in illinois tomorrow. so the iowa, colorado, california, nevada, florida, virginia, and then illinois trip that the president is on right now is a 48-hour trip. it does not even get him until the end of the week. on the other side of the aisle, mitt romney and his running mate, paul ryan, are taking it much slower than the democrats at this point. mr. romney had one event this afternoon in nevada. he has another event right now in iowa. and that's it for the whole day. paul ryan gave a speech in ohio today, and that one event was it for him. presumably, they are pacing themselves for something that comes later. in terms of the state of the race, both campaigns are trying to spin reporters now into saying that they are ahead. but if you ignore the spin, if you ignore what the campaigns are saying and you just look at the polls, the best that anybody can say about the race right now is that it is a tie, at least nationally. do you want me to prove it? these are all of the tracking polls that came out today. all right? gallup says that romney is up by three. "investors business daily" says, n
bush administration official who's been leading the legal effort to overturn california's ban on gay marriage and maybe every state's ban on gay marriage. he is very, very, very, very conservative. but he is on the pro gay side of this marriage fight. today at nyu's law school i got a chance to interview ted olson and his cocounsel the celebrated democratic attorney david boyce. they fought against each other in bush v. gore in the 2000 election but they are fighting together on the side of marriage equality in this federal case. and ted olson is the one of course who sticks out like a sore thumb here. he's a straight, married guy. he does not have a gay family member who has driven him to this decision. he has decided as a small government republican stalwart that marriage equality for gay people is a really important issue for the country and therefore for him. despite the fact his republican party is not with him on this issue pretty much at all he is still very active in republican politics. again, he is the guy who is helping paul ryan prep for next week's vice presidential deba
said before, california, virginia, ohio. governor romney, partly because he's bounced from the last debate, seems to have pulled up at least even, probably a little ahead in florida. virginia, almost dead even. but president obama clings to a whisper close lead in ohio. now, if you do the electoral college math, it's very hard to see how romney can win, if he doesn't win at least two, and he probably needs three, all three of those states, florida, virginia, and ohio. on the other hand, if president obama can just win ohio, he's probably going to win the election. >> one of the reasons that i think the vice presidential debate was very fun to watch and last night was very fun to watch, they were just good debates, is they covered a lot of other ground that hasn't really been trod in this campaign. and i think last night in particular, we got to a bunch of issues asked by those voters in the audience that are the kind of things that undecided voters might be hung up on, even if the beltway press hasn't. things like differences between you and george w. bush. i didn't much like obama,
Search Results 0 to 47 of about 48 (some duplicates have been removed)